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Custom USB Flash Drive Solutions for Schools

Welcome to SchoolFlashDrives.com, a website of Bulk Flash Drives, the industry expert at delivering promotional flash drives for schools. From K-12 to post secondary education, our client satisfaction speaks wonders about our dedication to bringing custom flash drives alive for schools of all sizes and budgets. Since 2006, we've been privileged to serve thousands of schools throughout the United States & Canada.

From color logo imprinting to smart data preloads, we can fulfill your USB flash drive dream and more. Our flash drive models include plastic, metal and wood in styles with caps as well as capless. After you've added the finishing touches to both the outside of the drive as well as the inside, we've got a whole array of accessories for you to browse through - including bamboo & recycled wood boxes, plush velvet styled pouches, keyrings and more.

Request a fast, no obligation quote today and we'll be here to make your USB dream come true. Pssst ... Don't forget to enter our free flash drive contest too!

The Custom Flash Drive Syllabus

By now you’ve possibly been doing your homework as most great educators do! So to help expedite the learning curve and get your custom flash drive project on the move, we put together a quick outline of some things you should consider when looking for a quality promotional USB flash drive technology partner.

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  1. Experience
  2. Leadership
  3. Knowledge
  4. Vision
  5. Diversity
  6. Support

What Schools Are Saying:

The drives looked GREAT and everyone was very impressed. Thank you so much for the extra effort in getting them to us on time. I look forward to working with you in the future. You have reinforced why I seek smaller companies to work with - outstanding customer service and obvious pride in delivering the product as promised!
Susan McKechnie
Director of Alumni Relations at Pomfret School

I am very pleased with the drives...thanks so much!  The experience of working with your company was great! I will use you again!
Amy Jessen
Teacher/Tech Team Leader at Maplewood Middle School

1 Experience

You know the value of experience. Your students benefit from yours everyday. Bulk Flash Drives has collaborated with schools coast to coast to PRECISELY deploy thousands of custom engineered flash drive solutions. Ranging from a simple logo on the outside of a USB flash drive to helping design a preload interface so students can easily access content loaded on the flash drive, Bulk Flash Drives has unequaled experience in the classroom setting.

2 Leadership

Bulk Flash Drives strives to be an industry pioneer for implementing customized flash drives in the classroom. We've invested time & resources to bring to life one of the first-ever digital curriculum flash drives, an idea inspired by a visionary IT talent for a Midwestern school. It’s our ability to listen to the needs of schools and discover ways to solve them feasibly & timely that help both us and you remain leaders in marrying Education with Technology to produce classrooms rich with easy-access information.

3 Knowledge

Bulk Flash Drives' team is comprised of parents, former teachers, marketing professionals, and technology entrepreneurs. This diverse environment affords our clients insight into the world of technology without being intimated by complex lingo or tech-based terminology. It sounds cliché we know, but our knowledge is power only if we can help turn you on to the very same awareness of custom USB flash drive technology.

4 Vision

Technology in the classrooms is ever-changing. USB flash drives offer solutions to the digital-divide crisis that is unfortunately preventing those without equal access to technology from furthering their education. Bulk Flash Drives collaborates with school administrations to engineer affordable, revolutionary solutions to close the gap.

5 Diversity

The product line at Bulk Flash Drives is as diverse as the background of our leadership. We know you value a broad range of styles and features in your promotional flash drive project. Bulk Flash Drives partners with leading technology companies across the planet to ensure you have the best options when it comes to bringing your flash drive project to life. 

6 Support

When a student has a question, you’re there responsibly and responsively providing direction and answers. Bulk Flash Drives acts in that same manner. Whether it’s a question regarding functionality of our custom flash drive products or if you need insight into ways to leverage USB flash drive technology in the classroom, Bulk Flash Drives' team of education-based flash drive professionals is here. 

Bulk Flash Drives is dedicated to engineering the most precise, affordable personalized USB flash drives for diverse school needs. Schools, colleges & universities coast to coast enjoy Bulk Flash Drives' value, expertise and attention to detail. If you are looking for custom flash drives for a school fundraiser, for green school curriculum, or for teacher appreciation gifts, we encourage you to contact Bulk Flash Drives to learn how our flash drive solutions can help your school stand out from the crowd.